Max Papart

French artist Max Papart’s paintings and graphics are suffused with sunny humor and the bright colors of the French Riviera.




Works on Paper


Working in the cubist style,

he depicted circus scenes, flirting couples, soaring birds and similar cheerful subjects with flat, overlapping planes of contrasting colors and textures. We represented Max Papart Internationally for more than twenty years until he passed away in 1994 at age 83. During this time we worked together to publish important hand-printed aquatints, carborundum etchings, lithographs and creative mixed media graphics. Papart was acknowledged as a master printer of the 20th century. The Director of the Bibliotheque National in Paris stated that his aquatints were some of the most significant prints being made in France during this era.


Printmaking has always been appreciated in France. This was especially true in Paris in the 1980’s when Max Papart (in collaboration with Robert Dutrou, Morsang Atelier and Kenneth Nahan, as publisher, created a series of aquatints which became known as “Masterprints”. These complex graphics often took from six months to a year just to etch the copper plates and then another six months was needed to print the edition one sheet of paper at a time. Each plate was hand-inked for each piece of paper to create small editions of from 50 to 85 prints – print making that is fifty years behind the times.


Exhibitions & Museums

  • Victoria and Albert Museum, London
  • National Gallery, London
  • Musee d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris
  • Musee Cantini, Marseilles
  • Fondation Maeght, St. Paul de Vence
  • Israel Museum, Jerusalem
  • Indianapolis Museum of Art
  • New Orleans Museum of Art
  • High Museum, Atlanta

Exhibitions & Museums Continued

  • Bibliotheque Nationale de l’Arsenal, Paris
  • Salle de l’Aubette de la ville de Strasbourg
  • Ft. Lauderdale Museum of Art
  • Jacksonville Art Museum
  • Phoenix Art Museum, Phoenix
  • Syracuse University
  • U.C.L.A.
  • Yale University
  • Museum of New Mexico, Santa Fe